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When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain and create positive change.



Welcome to Loneliness to Resilience, a transformative community created specifically for individuals who have experienced the painful emotions of isolation, feeling invisible, neglect, and being unheard. It's possible that you have even felt abandoned or orphaned, leaving you drained and empty.


In this place of healing, we recognize the hunger within your soul for acceptance, love, and warmth. We understand your deep longing for someone to truly comprehend your experiences and offer you inspiration, hope, truth, and wisdom.

Led by Sharon Rolph, a behavioral scientist, coach and leader, Resilience Together aims to nurture and uplift individuals who have endured hardship and yearn for a supportive network. Drawing upon her vast knowledge, tranquility and spirit, Sharon guides members on a journey towards personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery.


Through the power of shared stories, empathetic connections, and transformative resources, our community creates a space where you can be seen, heard, and understood. Here, your experiences matter, and your voice holds significance.


Loneliness to Resilience Community is committed to fostering an environment that nourishes your soul, providing you with the tools to heal, thrive, and embrace your true self. Together, we build a strong foundation of resilience, empowering you to overcome challenges, reclaim your voice, and find solace in the collective wisdom of our vibrant community.

Join Loneliness to Resilience Community and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, connection, and empowerment. Together, we will navigate the path towards healing and create a future where your resilience shines brighter.

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What Do I Want to Do in Retirement?

Finding my effortless vitality - A Free Resource Guide


What People Are Saying:

Jeffrey Miller
Real Estate Broker - Lynnwood, WA

"Just finished working with Sharon on my retirement planning and creating my Essence statement to decipher the why's and how's for my future. She has the magic touch and professionalism to draw out the qualities within me that matter most. Needless to say, I now understand the purpose in my upcoming retirement and have a road map to fulfilling my goals. I highly recommend her in helping you discover yourself."

Jeff is within a decade of retiring before working with the Coach Sharon. He was struggling with how to start his retirement planning process and knowing which way to turn. Coach Sharon worked with Jeff to become aware of what mattered to him most. Today Jeff is very clear how to move forward with his Essence statement, to create meaningful and delightful plans for a rewarding retirement. If you are clueless about the plans you really want to make for retirement, you owe it to yourself to start with knowing your Essence FIRST.

Elizabeth Anyaa
Textile Artist/Designer, Home Furnishing Designer, Fashion Designer
- Dallas, TX

"During and long after our session, I personally grew in more ways than I ever expected for Ms Sharon encourage, gently ever so kindly pushed me to go deep within my soul to write my essence statement; the roadmap for my life forward. As a direct result, my business expanded as I grew personally. One of the most inspiring, intuitive, exceptional and patient coaches I have ever worked with. I personally recommend her classes to any and all peoples that are seriously desiring to move, reshape and take their life to the next level."

Elizbeth is an Dallas TX artist who was making amazing contributions in their Fashion Incubator. She was seeking open doors to support herself financially as an interior designer, as a licensed real estate agent and work for the airlines to travel to support herself. I helped her become aware of what was in her heart and create her Essence statement. I helped her gain confidence and focus to know what her natural positive potential is with her Essence and to have a life that flows. If you are struggling with knowing or reviving who you really are and your purpose, she is recommending you get help here. Today she is becoming an AirBNB hostess, has steady support from on online position and moving into a community neighborhood!

Sound and Editing Engineer

"Sharon coached me through the Women for Change program.  I looked into coaching to address my feeling of uncertainty in the direction I wanted the most for my career and personal life.  Sharon brought enthusiasm, effort, genuine interest in my work and process, and thoughtfulness to our weekly meetings.  She shared concrete tools with me to assess what I want in my career and life, and also her useful, compassionate, funny, and intuitive thoughts and reactions to our dialogue.  She is a natural coach and I felt like it was always a valuable use of time during our meetings.  Sharon generously worked with me for 12 weeks.  I feel more confident about my path forward and am grateful for Sharon's enthusiastic feedback that helped me get here!"

Kevin O
Employee Engagement Expert - Mukilteo, WA

"Thanks Sharon. It was really good to connect. I appreciate the work you did. This caused me to think and was very affirming."

Kevin is a life coach who wasn't fortunate to have the Essence experience in his training, like Sharon did. She loves to help people think. To have Kevin find the experience both affirming and thought-provoking is a great compliment. If you struggle to "know yourself" Coach Sharon can help you have a very affirming and thoughtful process to learn what's actually in your heart of hearts.

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