INNER SPARK Discovery Solves Emotionally Disappointed Retirees With Meaningfulness

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Disappointment, Empty, Sad?
I am so intent on impacting Baby Boomers with finding their new purpose that I am willing to reveal my secret sauce recipe, today.
I learned this about the same time I retired. Yet, applying it took a bit longer.
When I started bouncing off the walls, wondering if my days were productive or not, that's when I started "using" the principle of Inner Spark. One day I reviewed it three times, hanging on my wall (a fabric art wall-hanging I'd made). Gradually, I realized that when I lived FROM my Inner Spark everyday actually FELT right!! I lived from my internal values, my core, what mattered most to me. So cool! Satisfying!
Along the way, I also overcame the invisible feeling I'd lived with most of my life that originally stemmed from wanting to feel safe in our sexually abusive home. What a transformation that made!
Now, here's a peak into the process to light your fire and live without regrets!
Living Meaningfully is the result of starting with
Things You Love to do
+ Personal qualities
+ Hot buttons
+ Aspirations
+  Values
+ Guiding principles
Wrapped up in a Nature Metaphor
= = = = = = = 
Endless Joy coming from
Elizabeth said: She kindly pushed me to go deep within my soul to write my roadmap for my life forward. My business has expanded. Most inspiring, intuitive, exceptional and patient coaches I ever worked with.

Kevin.. .very affirming

Jeff.. I now have a roadmap to fulfilling my goals. I highly recommend her.

Your Mission, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT It, is to create in 90 days or less, your INNER SPARK Discovery so you feel whole, authentic and energized to share your wisdom and purpose.